Wmf set 12 steak cutlery in wood box



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Those who love nothing more than a juicy steak like nothing more than sharp cutlery to go with it. Sharp knife blades and pointed fork prongs perfect the enjoyment of a

steak. Steak cutlery includes a serrated knife with an extremely sharp blade made from special blade steel. The solid Monoblock steak knife has an especially sharp blade

made of rust-free special blade steel and is forged from one piece and hardened as a whole. It cuts through the crispy exterior of grilled steaks, while gliding through

thick-cut meat like butter. Serrated blade guarantees years of sustained perfect sharpness. The knife handle fits well into your hand.

The steak forks have extra-long tapered prongs for spearing pieces of meat. The outer edge makes cutting baked potatoes and vegetables a piece of cake.

This set includes 6 each steak forks and steak knives and an elegant wooden box.


  • Length: 23 cm

Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 polished.

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