Wmf knife block with knives Grand Class



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Designer: Makio Hasuike

A touch of nostalgia coupled with state-of-the-art materials processing, this sums up the WMF Grand Class knife series.

The design of the black handles with stainless steel rivets is reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship of days gone by. While the modern, seamless design of the high-

quality plastic handles guarantee optimum hygiene, the ergonomic shape ensures convenient and secure handling.

The bolster serves to protect fingers when cutting. Like all WMF knives, the knives in the Grand Class series are made from high-grade special blade steel, forged along

their entire length. Finally, Performance Cut technology gives the blades their exceptional, long-lasting sharpness.

This set includes:

  • knife block
  • vegetable knife
  • 2 utility knives
  • kitchen knife
  • bread knife
  • carving knife

Material: Forged blade made of rust-free and acid resistant speciality blade steel. Long lasting sharpness thanks to the hardened blade.Knife block made of bamboo.

Made in Germany

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