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As the name suggests, the Chef’s Edition was designed for professional chefs and for all those looking for maximum cutting precision. The idea behind the collection

came about after a workshop on handling and cutting techniques. Professional chefs hold wide knives between their thumb and index finger just in front of the bolster – i.e.

precisely where you would find a sharp edge on standard knives. This realisation led to the development of a knife with a smooth transition between the blade and the

bolster as well as on the spine. As there are no sharp edges, the knives in the Chef’s Edition fit perfectly in the hand and effortlessly cut through even the thickest pieces

of meat and the crunchiest of vegetables. Thanks to the seamless transition between the blades and the stainless steel handles, the models are particularly easy-care and

hygienic. All blades are Performance Cut, guaranteeing outstanding, long-lasting sharpness.

Besides tactile and functional qualities, the Chef’s Edition also boasts a modern design.

This set includes:

  • a knife block bamboo
  • a chef’s knife
  • a bread knife
  • a carving knife
  • a larding knife
  • a scissors

Material:  Forged blade made of rust-free and acid resistant speciality blade steel. Handle without grooves made of high-quality rust-free Cromargan stainless steel

Made in Germany.

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