Staub round cocotte Le Cocotte

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The cocotte roasting pan is a French casserole dish used to prepare dishes, like stews, casseroles, soups and soufflés. The dish is ideal for this, as ingredients can be seared and then slow-cooked in the same cookware. The black cast iron cocotte can be used on all types of cooker, including induction hobs.

The cocotte is round and black in colour. Cast iron has long been used for casserole dishes. The special Staub enamel coating enhances the properties of the material: cast iron conducts the heat from the hob very well and retains it for longer, releasing it slowly and steadily. This not only gently cooks your food but also keeps food warm in the cocotte.

A further benefit of enamelling is that it promotes the flavour of the food itself. Instead of being overcooked, it remains tasty and aromatic in the Staub cocotte, while meat stays tender and juicy.

Material: enamelled cast iron.


  • diam: 12 cm  capacity:   0,4 L
  • diam: 16 cm  capacity:   1,2 L
  • diam: 20 cm  capacity:   2,2 L
  • diam: 24 cm  capacity:   3,8 L
  • diam: 28 cm  capacity:   6,7 L
  • diam: 34 cm  capacity: 12,6 L

Available Colors: Black

Made in France

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diam. 12 cm, diam. 16 cm, diam. 20 cm, diam. 24 cm, diam. 28 cm, diam. 34 cm

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