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This slow-cooking pot from the La Cocotte series has all the benefits you know from Staub. The cocotte is made from enamelled cast iron with excellent heat retention properties. Heat is evenly dispersed around the pot to provide consistent cooking temperatures. You can use the cocotte with any type of oven or cooker.

An enamelled interior enhances the slow-cooking process to bring out the natural flavors of the food and produce perfect, aromatic dishes. The cocotte is made of cast iron for robustness and easy care, and has two practical cast handles plus a lid with a knob. Be inspired by this compact cocotte to prepare a quick and simple coq au vin.

Material: enamelled cast iron.


  • lenght: 11 cm  capacity:   0,25 L
  • lenght: 15 cm  capacity:   0,60 L
  • lenght: 17 cm  capacity:   1,00 L
  • lenght: 23 cm  capacity:   2,35 L
  • lenght: 27 cm  capacity:   3,20 L
  • lenght: 29 cm  capacity:   4,20 L
  • lenght: 31 cm  capacity:   5,50 L
  • lenght: 33 cm  capacity:   6,70 L
  • lenght: 37 cm  capacity:   8,00 L
  • lenght: 41 cm  capacity: 12,00 L

Available Colors: Black

Made in France


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11 cm, 15 cm, 17 cm, 23 cm, 27 cm, 29 cm, 31 cm, 33 cm, 37 cm, 41 cm

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