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The oval Staub mussel pot in black is specially designed for preparing mussel dishes, and is also an attractive serving dish in which you can present two to three servings of mussels.

The Staub shellfish pot is made of cast iron, which ensures that your shellfish dishes stay warm at the table. Heat is distributed evenly during cooking time.  A grill bisects a small area into which you can add spices and liquids.

The stainless steel grill holds the mussels in place while you pour out the sauce. You can simply put the empty shells back into the lid of the shellfish cooker at the table. The cast-iron mussel pot is shaped like a mussel. Serve your guests wonderful dishes in a stylish cast iron pot specially designed for preparing mussels.

  • An ideal pot for lovers of mussels
  • Removable sieve for pouring sauce
  • Long heat retention

Material: cast iron


  • capacity: 2 Lt
  • diam: 25 cm
  • width: 17,8 cm
  • height: 16,9 with lid

Available colors: black

Made in France.


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