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The wok was born in the Asian countryside more than 2000 years ago.
Its main advantage lies in the semi-spherical shape that allowed all foods to cook well with a small heat source.

Today wok has become a mental foundation tool for all the kitchens in the world. Equipped with a flat bottom that can fit all heat sources, including induction, is one of the most important tools for healthy, scented, tasty and varied cuisine.

Short-flame cooking allows fast cooking of meat, fish and fish, keeping the flavors and nutritional qualities intact. Easy to use, the wok is suitable for many cooking modes: Burn or stew (long cooking with slow-fire lid), Fry (in diving oil), Jumping (Fast cooking with high flame, mixing ingredients in little oil), Cook slowly (low flame), Boil (baking in water ), Steam cooking.

Thanks to its flattened shape, cooking requires very little oil, allowing lighter cooking. Perfect for traditional cuisine, the wok becomes indispensable for preparations and typically Oriental ingredients, such as: Chinese cabbage, bok choy shoots, bamboo and soy sprouts, black mushrooms.

Material: enamelled cast iron.


  • diam: 37 cm
  • capacity: 5,7 L

Available colors:

  • black
  • cherry red
  • graphite gray

Made in France

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Black, cherry red, gray graphite

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