Set of 4 Riedel white wine crystal glasses

Riedel’s set of 4 white wine tasting glasses are made of crystal and are dishwasher safe.

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Riedel’s set of 4 white wine tasting glasses are made of crystal, but are at the same time resistant and dishwasher safe.

Designed for professional tasting , these glasses have all the necessary requirements to guarantee a regular taste of art.

The Riedel logo is printed on the base of the glass.


  • All RIEDEL stemware and glasses are dishwasher safe.
  • Place the glasses and glasses well away from other glass or metal products to avoid chipping during the washing cycle. Wherever possible, use the basket provided.
  • To avoid the formation of fogging, check the hardness of the water which should be low in mineral salts.
  • Remove any traces of fingerprints or stains with white vinegar.

In case of hand wash

  • wash the glass under hot water (use a detergent and rinse the glass thoroughly).
  • Glass polishing: Use two polishing cloths, never hold the glass by the base to polish the goblet.
  • Polish the glasses using two glass dryers: one for each hand. When polishing the cup, avoid holding the glass by the base because the stem could break.
  • Stem break: Occurs due to mishandling = torque or bending pressure on the stem.
  • When putting away the glasses, places characterized by strong odors that could transfer to the glass and alter the aroma of the wine should be avoided.

Polishing towel

  • Wash the glass dryers in boiling water with mild soap to eliminate bacteria.
  • Never use a softener to rinse the microfibre cloth (avoids the formation of grease on the surface).






transparent crystal

Contents of the Package:

4 white wine tasting glasses

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