Muhà Flower home fragrance 200 ml


The 200 ml Muhà Flower home fragrance releases a gradual aroma that spreads gently into the room.

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The 200 ml Muhà Flower home fragrance has an elegant and refined line and releases a gradual aroma that spreads delicately into the environment.

The flower is made entirely by hand in birch wood and, by impregnating itself with the liquid contained in the relative glass bottle, gradually releases the chosen perfume.

The following fragrances are available:

  • orange and cinnamon: red
  • moss and flowers: purple
  • vanilla and pure amber: gold
  • cedar and bergamot: orange
  • powdery iris: white
  • sea breeze: blue
  • supreme must: green
  • orange blossom and gardenia: lilac

Packaged in a beautiful box, this perfumer can be a very refined and pleasant gift idea.




glass / birch wood / liquid


  • red: orange and cinnamon
  • purple: moss and flowers
  • gold: vanilla and pure amber
  • orange: cedar and bergamot
  • white: powdery iris
  • blue: sea breeze
  • green: supreme must
  • lilac: orange blossom and gardenia

Contents of the Package:

1 room fragrance Muhà Flower 200 ml

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