Mepra set 6 pieces induction nonstick pans Stile by Pininfarina


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Designer: Pininfarina.

The design of these pans creates a luxurious feel and a distinctive and unique appearance. The oversized handle with rounded edge guarantees an ergonomic grip.

The non-sharp-cornered bottom edge of these pans avoids damage to induction and ceramic hobs. The heat-diffusing bottom with elevated thickness, heating surface to the edge of the body, guarantees an outstanding heat distribution. The heat will also be retained longer, even when the pan is removed from the heat source.

Safe for use with non-sharp metal utensils. Our pans are absolutely PFOA free. Easy to use, easy to maintain.

The STILE cookware is manufactured according to the combined standards of Mepra and Pininfarina: professionalism in the manufacturing process combined with a unique, luxurious and chic appearance.

Material: stell and internal Eterna non-sticking coat.

Heat source:

  • electro
  • gas
  • halogen
  • induction
  • oven

This set includes 3 pans with lids:

  • 1 pan with one handle: cm 20.
  • 1 pan with one handle: cm 24.
  • 1 pan with one handle: cm 28.

 Made in Italy.

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