Marcato spaghetti chitarra accessory Atlas 150


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The Spaghetti guitar accessory is one of the accessories for fresh pasta, compatible with the Atlas 150 pasta machine.

You can use it by hand with the special crank or with the Pastadrive engine.

The accessory to prepare the most famous format of pasta from Abruzzo, similar to noodles but thicker and square section. Excellent with meat sauce or other consistent

sauces. Spaghetti guitar is a paste format with a square section and a width of 2mm. The recommended dough thickness is at position 3 of the pasta machine controller.

Material: Chromed steel structure with anodized aluminum alloy rollers for food


  • width: 8 cm
  • lenght: 17,7 cm
  • height: 4,5 cm

Available colours: chromed steel

Made in Italy.

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