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As the name says, this is an ideal set for anyone who has to buy a first kit of pots from scratch.


  • *ABCT casserole Ø cm 16
  • *ABCT low casserole Ø cm 24
  • **K7 casserole Ø cm 20
  • **K7 pan  Ø cm 25
  • ***Inossidabile pot Ø cm 20
  •  ****2lid lid  Ø cm 20,  Ø cm 24
  • handle- universal tongue cm 20


*ABCT: Aluminum non stick pots and pans, with exterior coating in porcelain enamel and interior white nanotech ceramic coating, that take the form of sophisticated serving dishes, beautiful bowl for salad, rice, trays. They can be used on the gas, in the oven, to cook fish, warm the bread, bake pizza and much more. Less space is needed and greater functionality, but, above all, professionalism’ in the kitchen and elegance to the table.


**K7: Aluminum and iron cookware consisting of pots, pans, casseroles and woks. The handiness of use given by the excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum is further enhanced by the non-stick coating made of fine dark brown. The blued iron lionaise are naturally no-sticking, and due to a particular surface thermal treatment suffer less the oxidation; the best way to cook meet or fry. The handles are made of steel, finished with stonewashed bronze-colored; aesthetics that characterizes them that evokes the classic pans.


***INOSSIDABLE: The Stainless steel collection has a name that leaves no doubts: It consists of tools for cooking all entirely products with the highest quality stainless steel. Pots, pans, casserole, sets for pasta and steaming, with typical accessories of professional sets.


****2LD: An universal lid on steel for K7, ABCT and KNPRO collections. The special knob allows you to use them upside down as a cake stand or a trivet. Moreover keeps in place the spoon while cooking food , but not only … adding a few drops of vinegar will help to eliminate any smell in the kitchen.

Made in Italy.

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