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A salt precious, pure, full of a very broad spectrum of micronutrients is the pink salt that is extracted from the slopes of the Himalayas, known as “Pink Diamond”.

Size: bambu placemat cm 21×50 – oven proof porcelain tray 37×20 cm – salt slab 20×20 cm

Materials: sale himalayano, oven proof porcelain, bamboo.

Istructions: Before using the plate for the first time, wipe the surface with a cloth moistened with oil or warm water. Do not place the plate in direct contact with the flame on the gas, you could break into several pieces. Any imperfections on the corners or at the sides are due to the dry cutting of the plates and therefore cannot be considered as “processing defects.” The plate remains hot for the time necessary to cook (about 20 minutes); to optimize the maintenance of heat to support the ceramic plate with the plate on a food warmer.

Do not put frozen foods on the hot plate. Do not put the plate under the water while still hot. The plate may present with time of the cracks, but do not compromise its use. With the various uses of the salt changes its coloration, becoming more clear: this does not alter the properties of the plate. You can also freeze for a few minutes to serve ice cream, frozen desserts, raw fish etc.., The plate holds the long cold absorbed.

USE IN THE OVEN: insert the plate and China plate in the oven is still cool and take it with the program statically at 200 ° C after reaching the required temperature wait 20 minutes. After removing the plate using special heat-resistant oven mitts. Place meat, fish, vegetables for cooking, the salt heals leaving very soft, and avoiding burnout because the salt cannot develop carbon black. By osmosis the salt penetrates cooking gently and giving flavor and taste extraordinary and unique, more and more intense depending on the duration of cooking.

USING THE FLAME: Heat slowly the plate prior to its use to prevent a thermal shock such as to determine its breakage. Putting salt on a plate of fire, to avoid direct contact with the flame. Keep the heat source to a minimum for at least 10/15 minutes to warm up, place the food to be cooked at high heat and bring to the cooking time.

USE THE BARBECUE: resting on the grill directly heating the plate in the oven.

Made in Italy.

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