Kartell candelabra Abbracciaio



COD: 1956 Categorie: ,


Designer: Philippe Starck with Ambroise Maggiar.

Even if they are no longer used for lighting, candles still shed the light of the designer’s creative spark thanks to design supports that lend them contemporary appeal. Abbracciaio is an aluminium casting of two shapes which, when placed one in front of the other, become a loving embrace. The two structures composing the candelabra link together giving the piece stability. Elegant and poetic, Abbracciaio holds two candles and is produced in two finishes and various colours: one in aluminium, polished silver, gold and gun metal, and the other in white and black matte.


  • width: 20 cm
  • height: 25 cm

Materials: galvanised or painted aluminium

Available colors: gold.


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