Berkel flywheel electric slicer Volano P15


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Berkel P15, the very high-quality flywheel slicer, made in a totally handmade way with the design and techniques of the past. Small in size, it is ideal for the domestic context, it uses the technology and the best materials of today.
The attention to detail, the refinement of the details and the high quality of the construction guarantee a cutting of excellent quality. Perfection in chrome and paint, the harmony of shapes and decorations, make it ideal for collectors perfect as an element of furniture and style.

The blade

The flywheel P15 has a blade in 100cr6 steel, with a diameter of 28.5 cm and a regulation of the thickness of the slice with an 8-position watch, for a cutting thickness of 0.3 mm to 3 mm. The concave shape of the blade caresses the product in the cutting point only, avoiding changes in taste and smell.

Built-in sharpener

The integrated sharpener is small in size and covered with a steel canopy and features a single-action sharpening and deburring movement.

Press and release locking / unlocking system

The clamp for fixing the product to be sliced is made up of two opposing columns, crossed with friction handles, joined by a toothed arm, or alternatively with the more classic open presser arm.

Blade protection device

The P15 is equipped with a protective device that covers the blade, in order to guarantee the maximum safety requirements, both during use and during the cleaning of the machine.

Drawer collects waste

The machine has a drawer for collecting the waste produced while it is sliced. This is a further precaution that facilitates the user to maintain the correct cleaning and hygiene of the machine.

Chromed steel plate

The P15 flywheel slicers are equipped with a plate made of chromed steel

Material: special aluminum alloy, steel blade.


  • height: 140 cm
  • lenght: 72 cm
  • width: 60 cm

Available colours: red

Made in Italy.


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