Berkel electric slicer Red Line 250


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Professional electric slicer for domestic use. From the technology of Berkel professional slicers, RED LINE is born, the electric slicer for the home, elegant and light in the kitchen, but with professional features, made of special aluminum alloy. Compact dimensions, ease of use and cutting-edge technical solutions guarantee a perfect cut every day.

The steel blade gives a perfect cut, reduces waste and ensures thin and uniform slices. The built-in sharpener facilitates the excellent sharpening of the blade, increasing its efficiency and duration. The simplicity of removing the parapet, blade guard and plate greatly facilitates the operations for a quick and precise cleaning.

Release of the plate
With the simple movement of a lever, the plate can be removed for washing. When the plate is removed, the slicer is automatically placed in safety and the CE block activated. Repositioning the plate, the lever is released and the machine returns to working conditions. An important innovation that facilitates the cleaning of the slicer, allowing the release of the plate with a rapid movement.

Blade cover removal
The blade cover is removed in a simple and immediate way. It is sufficient to rotate it 90 degrees to be able to remove it without further movements, making the optimal cleaning of the machine a trivial daily gesture. By exerting slight pressure, the blade guard is immediately repositioned for use.

Built-in sharpener
The Red Line slicers all have a built-in sharpener, which allows a correct sharpening of the blade. The positioning is done manually, simply by raising and rotating the sharpener. A single position is provided which, without requiring manual adjustment, always guarantees the perfect inclination for optimum sharpening.

Thickness adjustment knob
The Red Line slicers are equipped with an integrated system that guarantees a precise opening of the sail up to 14mm. The numbers on the adjustment knob represent the real thickness of the slice in millimeters, which allows an extremely fine adjustment, especially in the lower and more used thicknesses, with a previously unthinkable repeatability.


  • width: 50,5 cm
  • height: 39,5 cm
  • lenght: 51,5 cm

Material: special aluminum alloy, steel blade.

Available colors:

  • red
  • pink
  • green
  • light blue
  • white
  • black



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Black, Green, light blue, Pink, Red, White

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