Alessi set 4 red wine glasses Dressed


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Designer: Marcel Wanders.

Ample and rounded, the glass for red wine of Dressed series allows you to oxygenate the wine and exalt its aroma for an optimal tasting.

The glass, made of thin crystalline glass, is rendered special by the particular design of the stem, a typical element of the author Marcel Wanders.

The unmistakable style of Marcel Wanders, a mixture of baroque and modernity, finds expression in the Dressed glass set.

Elegant shapes, made unique by the sophisticated design of the stem, create a special atmosphere at every occasion.

The dressed glass set is made of crystalline glass, transparent and thin, ideal for rendering every tasting enjoyable.

Material: crystalline glass.


  • Diameter: 9.50 cm
  • Height: 20.30 cm
  • Content: 60.00 cl

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