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Designer:   Marcel Wanders

The circus is in town. Around the colourful big top, there arise the rides, the stands proffering games, target shooting and candies with the vendor dispensing sweet treats for all ages.  And it is to him that Marcel Wanders dedicates one of the pieces in this sophisticated collection.

He imagines him in his top hat, his smiling face made up like a clown, hiding the sadness of a distant love. Into the depiction of this figure, Wanders has incorporated a stylish candy dispenser: the oversized top hat is a container to fill with your favourite candy, the broad smile hides a tray into which the sweets are dispensed in small amounts, the perfect treat.

Candy dispenser in 18/10 stainless steel. Limited edition of 999 numbered copies and 9 artist’s proofs.

Height (cm): 33.00
Length (cm): 22.00
Width (cm): 16.00



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